Lady on the MIC

lady on the mic RAUDONAS FONAS copy

Lady on the MIC is a worldwide music community representing all the ladies in the business, who already made it or who are just starting & giving their best, to be a part of this wonderful phenomenon , called MUSIC.

“L.o.t. MIC” embraces a wide range of different kinds of movements from Hip-Hop culture, Soul grooves, Jazz spirit, Funky vibes to Reggae tunes. You will find here various info about female artists, singers, emcees, djs, producers.

This page has the following categories:

  • News
  • Interviews
  • Album reviews
  • Videos
  • Events
  • Downloads

I invite all of you, who write lyrics and are interested in music other ways to exchange our experience and help each other to find new Music Divas.

You can also share your records. And it doesn’t matter at all in what language your songs are!

You need promo about your upcoming shows, releases, etc.? Just contact me:

Let’s U.N.I.T.E.!!! One LOVE!

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